Health Care Policy

The first health care post outlines four issues impacting the debate over changes to the Affordable Care Act.

  1. the roles of employer-based coverage and state exchanges
  2. the level of age-rated premiums in state exchange marketplaces
  3. the role of high-deductible health plans and health savings accounts
  4. impact of most expensive health care cases

Thoughts on the Health Care Reform Process:

Thoughts on the Health Care Reform Process

The next two posts present specific changes to the ACA.

The core of Marian Hagler’s Health Care plan is  government funded universal coverage, which could be combined with  less expensive policies for expenses under the catastrophic limit.

Marian Hagler’s Health Care Plan

The core of the bi-partisan health care plan proposal involves an alteration of the ACA employer mandate and several rule changes on policies sold on state exchanges.   One of the proposed rule changes involves government funding of some high-end health insurance cases for people who cannot afford comprehensive health insurance.

A bi-partisan way to fix the ACA